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Welcome to TranCentral. We specialize in providing innovative Trucking Factoring solutions to meet the needs of small to mid-sized Trucking Companies all across the United States.

TranCentral provides Trucking Factoring lines of Credit to trucking companies with fleet sizes ranging from 3 trucks all the way up to 1000 trucks. Our Carriers come from virtually every trucking segment imaginable.

At TranCentral, we distinguish ourselves from other Trucking Factoring companies with our “Get it Done” culture.  We challenge our staff to find innovative solutions to meet our customer’s factoring needs. We understand Trucking!

TranCentral's Trucking Factoring programs are custom tailored for you by our highly trained Factoring advisors using our exclusive “Fast Track” approval system. In most cases we can provide you with one or more Trucking Factoring solutions and a rate quotes in just 5 Minutes. 

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More information about TranCentral

At TranCentral, we understand the Trucking business. We have helped thousands of trucking companies over the years. Our success comes from the fact that we understand that every trucking company has different needs and we customize those needs accordingly through our Trucking Factoring programs.

TranCentral's Trucking Factoring programs offer some of the highest advances and lowest Freight Factoring Rates in the industry. However, there is much more to a successful Trucking Factoring relationship then high advances and low rates. All of our Freight Factoring programs are complemented by our best in class services including Risk Assessment, AR Management, Billing, Collection, Treasury, and 24/7 web reporting.

TranCentral customers receive a free online subscription to, America’s leading Freight broker credit reporting service. This service allows dispatchers the ability to check Freight Broker Credit real time 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

TranCentral's Factoring customers can also sign up for the 24-7 Fuel Card. The 24-7 Fuel Card is a NO Hassle service-oriented fuel card accepted at over 10,000 truck stops in United States and Canada. The 24-7 Fuel Card is easy to use, simple to manage, and accepted at Truck stops, Fuel Stops and Travel Centers nationwide.

If you are running 3 trucks or 1000 trucks, TranCentral customers can take advantage of the all the options the 24-7 fuel card has to offer, including where you can purchase your fuel. The 24-7 Fuel Card is accepted at the leading Truck Stops, Fuel Stops and Travel Centers Nationwide including Flying J, Petro Truck Stops, Pilot Travel Centers, Travel Centers of America, Wilco Hess Travel Plazas, and other fine Truck Stops.

The 24-7 Fuel Card Offers

  • Fuel Discounts at major Fuel Stops, Truck Stops and Travel Centers

  • Cash Advance Capability at all major Truck Stops, Travel Centers and Fuel Stops

  • Daily Reporting

Trucking Factoring process

Trucking Factoring is a financial transaction whereby a business sells its accounts receivable (invoices) to a Trucking Factoring Company at a discount in exchange for immediate cash.

Trucking Factoring is different from a bank loan in two significant ways. First, the Trucking Factoring Company places the emphasis on the value of the receivables, not necessarily the firm’s credit worthiness or fixed assets. Second, factoring is not a loan – it is the purchase of a financial asset (the receivable). The receivable is a financial asset associated with the debtor’s liability to pay money owed to the seller for work performed or goods sold. The seller sells its invoices (the receivables) at a discount to the Trucking Factoring to obtain the cash needed for day-to-day operations.

The sale of the receivables (or invoice) transfers ownership of the receivables to the Trucking Factoring. The account debtor is then notified of the sale and then remits payment directly to the Trucking Factoring Lockbox.

There are three integral parts to a factoring transaction.
1. The Fee - This is the amount Trucking Factoring will charge you for the service. Most Trucking Factoring will charge you a Factoring Fee also known as a service charge as well as interest based on how long it takes the debtor to pay.
2. The Advance - This is the percentage of the Face value of the invoice you will be paid upon submission of that invoice.
3. The Reserve - This is the remainder of the total invoice amount held until the payment by the account debtor is made in full.

There are many different ways Trucking Factoring companies refer to this service including, Truck Factoring, Freight Bill Factoring, Trucking Factoring, and Freight Invoice Factoring.

At TranCentral, we provide our Trucking Factoring service to a wide variety of small to mid-sized companies. We have earned a reputation for providing world-class service to companies who need Factoring lines for their businesses.  When searching for Trucking Factoring, look no further than TranCentral.

Banks often call their factoring programs Factoring Loans. Don’t be confused with this statement because factoring your accounts receivables is not a loan. Factoring is simply the sale of your Invoice at a discount to a Freight Factoring Company.
Are you interested in learning more about Trucking Factoring?

Call today and talk to one of our factoring specialists. Our factoring specialists will give a free consultation on how invoice factoring can help your business succeed.  With TranCentral there is no red tape to cut through or bureaucratic maze to navigate. We make the factoring application process simple and straightforward, and we’ll get you approved in just 5 minutes.

Want to learn more about Trucking Factoringwith TranCentral? Call 800.280.3335 or Click here

TranCentral provides Factoring services to every type of trucking company including:

Factoring for Beverage Haulers Factoring for General Freight Carriers
Factoring for Building Materials Factoring for Heavy Haulers
Factoring for Cargo Tank Carriers Factoring for Heavy Machinery Haulers
Factoring for Chemicals Haulers Factoring for Hot Shot
Factoring for Coal Coke Factoring for Intermodal - Dryage
Factoring for Cold Food Carriers Factoring for Liquid Gas Carriers
Factoring for Concrete - Pumping and Delivery Factoring for Livestock Haulers
Factoring for Construction Hauling Factoring for Local Carriers
Factoring for Contract Hauling Factoring for Log Pole
Factoring for Dispatch Services Factoring for Lowboy
Factoring for Drop Deck Fleets Factoring for Meat Carriers
Factoring for Dry Bulk Carriers Factoring for Metal Sheet Haulers
Factoring for Dump - Factoring for Mobile Home Haulers
Factoring for Farm Supply Carriers Factoring for Oilfield Services Fleets
Factoring for Federal & State Contracts Factoring for Paper Products Carriers
Factoring for Flatbed Carriers Factoring for Produce Carriers
Factoring for Freight Agents Factoring for Refrigerated Haulers
Factoring for Freight Brokers Factoring for Utility Fleets
Factoring for Freight Forwarders Factoring for Van Fleets
Factoring for Grain Feed Haulers Factoring for Water Well Fleets

Want to learn more about TranCentral? Call 800.280.3335 or, Click here

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